Bridging the gap between the muscle world and the justice community

“Who’s using anabolic steroids illegally … and why?”

“Why are steroids controlled substances?”

“How deadly are they … and how effective?”

“What happens to someone arrested for steroids?”

“How can physicians get arrested for prescribing them?”

“How do steroids differ from dietary supplements like creatine?”

“What should athletes and coaches know about steroid testing?”

“How can we discourage teen use?”

“What legal issues apply that law enforcers, prosecutors, defense lawyers and judges must know about?”

“Are our steroid laws working … ?”

These are just a sampling of the questions commonly presented to New York lawyer Rick Collins, J.D., CSCS, the nation’s leading legal expert on anabolic steroids and muscle-building dietary supplements. The answers may surprise you. Unquestionably, steroids are big news lately. But media sound bites typically oversimplify a complex topic. Spokespersons for professional sports unions, management, the Government and assorted social control agencies provide reports that are too often agenda-driven, misleading, or distorted by the press. On the one hand, some steroid enthusiasts would have you believe that massive amounts of these drugs taken for prolonged periods can do no harm, while on the other hand some anti-steroid watchdogs tend to exaggerate the prevalence of proven adverse effects in mature adult males.  Amid all the smoke and haze, the truth is hard to find.

Rick Collins has built his reputation giving straight answers about anabolic steroids and the law. He initially created this site in the late 1990s in order to bridge the gap between the muscle world and the justice community. Here you’ll find views and information available nowhere else: basic legal commentary on what happens if a person is investigated or arrested in connection with anabolic steroids, crucial information for lawyers handling anabolic steroid matters, and credible reasons why teenagers shouldn’t use steroids. Athletes and coaches will find information on performance-enhancing drug and supplement use and the methods by which sports doping is detected. Physicians will learn about the evolving legal parameters of prescribing androgens and human growth hormone in the treatment of age-related diseases or in so-called “anti-aging medicine” or “age management” therapy. Students will find information for term papers and reports. Visitors will also find a variety of other provocative subpages, Articles and News Headlines of interest to those in the legal, medical and athletic communities and to members of the general public who seek objective information about steroids and the law.

This site shares plenty of insights; many will surprise you. It’s a free resource for all, and is updated with new content as needed as a service to the general public. For more information on Rick Collins and his latest efforts, interviews and accomplishments, check out If you have a general legal question you’d like to see answered in the monthly column by Mr. Collins published in Muscular Development magazine, email it to for consideration. If you have a specific legal question or problem and are interested in consulting with Mr.Collins or in retaining his law firm, Collins, McDonald & Gann (, call 516-294-0300 during business hours, Eastern time.  Mr. Collins and his team of lawyers located in both New York and California concentrate on matters involving the bodybuilding and fitness community, providing representation in both criminal and civil matters.

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